Whether you’re planning a baby shower for a group of 20 people or a corporate bash with 2,000 or more attendees from all over the globe, Over The Top Events Parties has measurable experience in the event management industry, meaning we’re a smart choice for all your special gatherings.


We’ll Offer You Sound Advice

Many of our clients come to us while in the middle of planning events for the first time. We know they’re dealing with a tough situation that’s often filled with doubts. Whether the event is a major one in terms of its size or just because of the sentimental nature, it’s not easy to plan parties and keep a cool head. You probably feel under pressure to meet expectations and keep everyone pleased. Depend on our team to get knowledgeable answers to all the questions you’re wondering about but have felt too afraid to ask.

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You might hire an event coordinator from Over The Top Events Parties and ask for advice about the best venues of an appropriate size in the area. Or, you might wonder about the approximate costs for serving steak dinners to everyone at a corporate gathering to thank them for doing such good work this quarter. We understand you have many things on your mind and will do our best to provide the insight you seek and put fears to rest.




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We’ll Take Care of the Tricky Stuff

Some event venue managers seem to sense when they’re talking inexperienced people and might purposely jack up their prices to take advantage of naïve customers. In other cases, people don’t realize how much time and energy is necessary for successful events. They might try to handle party planning, plus other things, and get overwhelmed.

Other aspects such as venue dimensions, housekeeping concerns, health and safety factors, and sound and lighting equipment all deserve attention. There’s no need to struggle and feel you’re in over your head. Managing events is our specialty. Let us work on your behalf and take care of all the major and minor details. We have years of experience planning gatherings and have accumulated many resources we’d love to use for your benefit.




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The Small Details

As a mother of three school age children, Teresa Mixon knows a lot about conventional baby showers, birthday parties. After yet another pricey and chaotic kid’s birthday party she planned at a nearby venue, she decided to try out some of her own ideas to design unique, fun and memorable celebrations.

After creating wildly successful soirees for friends’ bridal and baby showers and birthdays, Over the Top Events & Parties was born 2013. After a year in business she was featured in CBS Local, "Ask an Expert" How to plan a baby shower. 

 Teresa niche was children “Soiree’s,” but her reputation for children parties has superseded her and she is just as talented in planning Weddings and Corporate Events.

Mixon majored in fashion design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and she brings an inspiring artistic flair, she has an eye for visual & conceptual design, marketing & sales. Fashion designers & Event Planners do share some qualities, they both take clients idea or vision, develop the idea, create a plan, present product and execute a very highly detailed production or event. 

Often clients come with a basic ‘seed,” idea or theme, and then she grows it out of nothing into something unique and magical. When Mixon meets with her clients, don’t be surprised if she begins to sketch her client’s ideas as they are talking. Teresa absolutely loves taking her clients dreams and making them a reality and is proud of her collection of events throughout the years.