Over The Top Events & Parties is here to help with the Who, Why, When and How. Our goal is to identify these key components in an event and create sustainable & profitable events that exceed stakeholders/clients expectations. 

Understanding, your companies advantages over your competitors is a huge advantage. We want to help you stand apart!



Conferences| General Sessions

Over The Top Events Parties has history of  coordinating events for a variety of professional clients. We will help come up with engaging solutions to engage the attendees with new formats for general session.


How Can An Event Planner Help You?


We offer a wide variety of conference event planning solutions.

  • Organizing Your Conference

  • Locating and Managing the Venue

  • Managing Conference Registration and Travel Itineraries

  • Developing Conference Agendas

  • Attracting Sponsors

  • Organizing Marketing

  • Integrating Your Event with Modern Technology

Online Planning Tools

As our client you will be invited to join the project and access our client login page.

Client Login Page

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On-line Planning Tools include: Checklist | Calendar| Timeline | Design Studio | Floor-plan Layout | Budget | Guest Management | Shared Notes | Upload Vendor Contracts | Contacts | Website



Understanding The Process

What understand to be true that any business relationship must have these 3 pillars; Trust | Transparency | Communication.

Le’ts work collaboratively together as partner’s, Over The Top Events & Parties will align ourselves with your Mission | Objectives | End Goal. We look forward to helping your company plan your next event.

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